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Homo Sedantary

The worst invention – a chair

The anthropologists call a modern man Homo Sedentary - HS.  We spent quite frequently a quarter of our life sitting on a chair or other benches. Is it good or bad for us? HS will survive – the chance is right here – the SM exercise system

The more we sit, the more we jeopardize our health, mainly due to these reasons: We remain almost stationary and while sitting down our spine bents unnaturally, which cause it to become stiffen, deformed and painful.  Also it makes us breath more superficially – causing insufficient oxygen supply, mainly to the brain and heart. Our unused muscles are getting weaker too.  We are incapable to incorporate them into an effective cooperation, and as a result, even so called healthy jogging could cause back-pain, joint-pain, and headaches as well as herniated discs.

In other words, sitting down is simply not healthy - regardless how long or short, comfortable or not.  Perhaps here is the reason why the ancient Greeks and Romans preferred to relax and dine laying down; the sitting was accepted only in a theatre, the Senate and public baths.

So what about us today – how much time do we spend sitting down without any movement – be it at work by a PC, in a car strapped behind fasten belts or in front of the TV, etc.?  After that, we go out to exercise for health reasons.  Jogging and other sports that increase pulse frequency are clearly useful for healthy heart and blood pressure – but what about our abused spine, joints and muscles.  Is it beneficial for them as well?

The data published by the NY Presbyterian Hospital indicate that 70 to 80 % of all people suffer from back-pain.  This pain is one of the most frequent causes for activity limitations for people that are younger than 45 years, proving that a sudden movement after a prolonged sitting down unmistakably presents a threat to our backs.

The scientists are continuously inventing amazing things in our technical world but on the other hand, observing the nature’s ways is a magnificent source of learning.  We treat the cause – how to renew muscles’ lost coordination and function HS will survive – there is a chance here – the SM exercise system  Just like a man invented the chair, a man has to come up with a method how to remove the negative impact of a chair on our health!

During the evolution, a man developed a muscle corset that allowed him bipedal walk; the other two parts of the body were used independently for other activities.

The main movement activities of a man were walking, running, and using his arms for wide range of activities whilst being in a standing position.  During the past few years our sedative lifestyle with insufficient exercise have directly caused various abnormalities on our body’s straight upright position as well as it has changed the demands of our movement apparatus, especially the spine.

The SMS method offers possibilities how to replenish natural movement, how to renew muscles’ lost coordination and its power and how to return a person to correct and straight position.The increase stress and lack of natural movement has become a source of familiar problems such as spine pains; however, in this context, less is known about increasing joints wear, headaches, ear titillation (tinnitus), sterility in women and men, decrease of sexual activity, etc.

The SMS is a system of exercises that activate spiral muscle chains.  A specially designed elastic rope is used which in a way represents a fictional extension of the discs while its power stretches and activates the vertebrae.  Thus, a spine could balance back into an optimal position, extending it in the upper direction.

Dr. Smíšek, a specialist of myosceletal medicine in Prague, Czech Republic, has outlined the muscle chains function and failure for which he has developed the method of Spiral stabilization and mobilization, SMS.  His claim is supported by more than 30 years of clinical experience of back-pain patients treatment – and it is quite an unmistakable proof of the effectiveness of his method. This represents quite new effectiveness in spine rehabilitation and back-pain treatment effective even where the other methods failed, such as treatment of a section of inter-vertebra disc or spine scoliosis.

The exercise has a positive impact as a prevention measure and treatment of large joints such as hip joints, knee and elbow joints as well as leg joints and foot arch. A number of the top athletes have been already using this method as a preparatory training session in order to improve their sport activity output as well as to prevent sport related injuries from overexposing their spine and large joints to those activities. This is the only known method that offers the series of exercises extending the spine upwards; this helps to separate vertebrae and ceases the spine pain in the lumbar, pectoral, and cervical sections.

In the recent years the SMS exercises has become a part of regular fitness program incorporated in many EU sport facilities.  The significant part in expanding this method belongs to the Sokol organization athletes – thus the natural link between the rehabilitation treatment, exercise for health reasons and fitness programs has been established.  In Germany, this method is even included in their health insurance system as an efficient back-pain prevention method.

If interested to learn more about this method and would like to obtain more information, please contact us directly at or visit our Web site: This method is now available in North America! It is a successful path from the doctor’s clinic to the quality of life without pain and return to sport activities!