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Do I know what I eat?

There are eight substances which we need to live: carbohydrates, proteins, fat, vitamins, minerals, fibre, oxygen and water. Scientists estimate that the human body needs up to 90 different substances daily to keep all the biochemical reactions running efficiently. You may obtain these substances if you eat 32 different kinds of food every day! A longterm deficiency of even one of these would be evident on the body and eventually some problems would arise. Studies show that nutrition deficiencies in the basic nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements are common in up to 80% of adults!

150 years ago people mostly ate the food from ingredients freely available in the  regions where they lived.  A daily menu consisted mainly of mush from traditional corn – buckwheat and millet, vegetables like cabbage, onion, garlic and seasonal fruits, fresh in summer and dried in winter. Meat was consumed only once a week and sometimes not at all. (If you do not believe these facts, please visit the open air museum in Radhost pod Radhostem! - a must for all – especially children!)

And today? We can eat various types of food all year round. What is the price we pay for such convenience? Our genetic makeup has been altered to a different kind of food system and our bodies are unable to adjust to those changes in such a short time. Another unfavourable aspect is the quality of the food in the current market. Most of what we eat has been industrially processed, and is low on enzymes and “nice” bacteria. The food is not only pasteurized, but often also polluted with fungicides and insecticides, antibiotics, preservatives, dyes, emulgators etc. Therefore the food contains less of the badly needed vitamins and minerals, but substantially more of the unwanted chemicals. Fruit and vegetables are grown – produced in greenhouses, polythene greenhouses, harvested prematurely to prevent damage during transport, and treated with chemicals against mould, pests, rotting etc. The situation is similar with meat and meat products. Few people know that 70% of antibiotics on the market are used for meat production.

Heat and industrial processing also loses many enzymes, vitamins, minerals and probiotics which are necessary to ensure all body functions. Not only does the body need to deal with the chemical stress load from the food, but moreover it lacks the resources for the production of its own protective substances – immune system cells. The immune system, the main protective measure against infection, but also the liquidator of cancer cells is weakened. A good part of the Czech population faces serious problems with their intestinal microflora, which often show up in intestinal problems described as dysmicrobia, but also decreased immunity. This is mainly the result of improper food, lack of fibre and a number of drugs, especially antibiotics, which eliminate the beneficial bacteria and proliferate the harmful microbes. Flatulence, diarrhoea or constipation are just minor discomfort compared to the colon cancer caused by the harmful micro-organisms.

The circle closes – nutriments are not absorbed and the body suffers from malnutrition even when you consume the optimal quantity of food. It is no surprise then that we suffer from the lack of even commonly available oxidation inhibitor vitamin C in spite of following the recommendations of so-called “healthy eating”. The effects of the shortage of the main oxidation inhibitor are obvious at first sight – sagging, pale complexion, increased wrinkling , frequent colds and tiredness. We boost ourselves up with coffee all day long and in the evening we need pills to fall asleep and a strong coffee in the morning again...

Do you want to feel good? Mark Twain is believed to have said:”Probably the only way to keep yourself healthy is to eat what you do not like, drink what you hate and do what you do not want to.” I disagree and would like to offer you the opportunity to stay healthy while doing pleasant and funny things and enjoy both your food and your drinks!

Limit the five white poisons – sugar, salt, fat, white flour and drugs and return humbly to the wisdom of our ancestors. Our ancestors instinctively ate food that can keep the intestines clean and functional. Intuitively they ate fermented food with live bacteria, today known as probiotics. The Bulgarian long life expectancy is based on frequent consummation of kefir, East Indians used to eat yoghurt before the main course and cottage cheese after, Romans ate sauerkraut, Asian cultures have fermented vegetables on their menu to this day. Those practices were the foundation behind successful development and today we are doing everything to be defeated by an invisible enemy – bacteria, viruses, moulds and yeasts.