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Dangerous invader in our organs

Not only the Body Mass Index, but also the diameter of your waist (which testifies about your amount of visceral fat, contained in your iternal organs) is an indicator of your health. Dangerous invader in our viscera organs – visceral fat.

If you intend to do something about your health, it is not enough to only watch your weight, but you also have to measure your waist. If you loose up your belt one notch each year, you are a probable candidate for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes (so called elderly diabetes). Technically speaking, you are affected by the metabolic syndrome. It means, that you have got a higher risk of a heart attack, brain stroke or cancer. Not only the Body Mass Index, but also the diameter of your waist (which testifies about your amount of visceral fat, contained in your iternal organs) is an indicator of your health. It is necessary to get rid of your visceral fat that has wrapped around your small intestine, and like an octopus’s tentacles it slowly penetrates your liver, pancreas, heart, and also muscles which then loose their flexibility and strength.

Why is a pear better than an apple?

Both are healthy! So why look for a solution? Beer-belly is „somehow attractive“  in men and women like the style of lose cover dresses. Why is that magic waistline border set 102 cm for men and 88 cm for women?  If your waistline is 102 cm or more, the risk of heart attack or diabetes is aproximatelly 10 times higher than in case of a man with 90cm waist. But be aware, a slender man with weak muscles and a belly is under a higher risk than a man that is slightly overweight.

What is a visceral fat?

Visceral fat behaves totally different than the superficial skin fat that gives a woman her feminine figure in her hips and thighs, and at the same time it serves as a heat insulation, so convenient during winter. Visceral fat is biochemically active and its by-products are poisoning the whole organism. What is so unpleasant about it? For example, it directly releases metabolic fat into the blood and the lab reports will show the dangerously high level of triglycerides. It slows down metabolism thus causing weight gain. It also damages insuline receptors to the point of developing insuline resistance, causing an increasing the sugar levels of blood. It acts as a tissue and injects deadly substances into a body damaging the imunity system, thus causing chronic infections and cancer. How do you like the name of one of them? TNF-alpha (tumor necrosis factor alpha) that produces so called „Michelin tires“ around your waist. It actively increases the bad LDL cholesterol level. The fat storages form around your neck and during snoring it creates a danger of apneustic breathing.

So is it clear now why a pear is better than an apple? As time passes by, the boyish female figure gets rounder but it is more dangerous than a feminine shape of Marylin Monroe!  A man with a large belly carries in his body 40 or more cubes of butter in the form of a yellow, trembling poison. Hernia or intestinal angulation are only minor problems compared to a heart attack or cancer.

How to defeat the malicious intruder?

Eat correctly and exercise! Reduce your callories intake to half, eat breakfast, reduce meat intake, add fruits and veggies and whole wheat breads to your diet.  Eat slowly and carefully chew it up! By getting rid of visceral fat you will increase adiponectin hormone level from the superficial skin fat and it will curb your appetite. You will succsesfully loose weight and won’t suffer from starving.

Move! You don’t have to join nearby fitness center. Walk, preferably on feet, ignore the elevator going up, get rid of your TV and garage remote controls. Try one day a week without a car. More references about correct moving activities will be in the section Exercise.

Become your own health manager. Reward? Before you achieve weight loss, you will feel better when bending down to pick up your car keys and when reading lab results after a doctor visit!