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Which metabolic type are you?

Do you feel good? Full of energy? Do you have your optimal weight? If yes, then you are eating healthy in accordance to your metabolic type. If not, you have an opportunity to improve it. A short test will show you which metabolic type are you.

It is not the latest fashion extravaganza, an experiment or a theory, but rather a scientifically tested knowledge. The same way as we differ from each other by our physiognomy – our looks, the same way we differ by our metabolism. We all need basic “macro-nutrients” – proteins, sugars (carbohydrates) and fats – but at varying proportions. Its individual need differs from people to people, from those who benefit from meals rich in protein and fat (meat and cheese) to those who are eating low-calorie meals based on carbohydrates (light meals made of grains, vegetables and fruits). If you don’t belong to neither of those two specific types, you most probably fell into the category of a mixed type, a combination of protein-sugar type.

When you balance your meals according to your metabolic type you will gain all sort of advantages: permanent weight reduction, youth image and get rid of chronic problems and achieve the optimal health. You will liberate yourself from unhealthy desire for food, hunger, blood sugar imbalance, indigestion, headache, depression or irritation. So your food will become what it supposed to be, an energy source, avoiding its storage in the fat layers.

The Roman philosopher Lucretius - already 2,000 years ago - declared: “For some the food could become a medicine, for another a poison.”Bílkovinový typ

The type of adequate meals is determined not only by one’s heritage but also by our lifestyle. That’s the reason why our needs do change depending on the age, illness, stress, the quality of consumed nutrients and the environment. Traditional diet of people from Scandinavia is based on higher fat and protein demand from red meat, wild game and fatty fish meat; southern Europeans have lighter meals, eat more sugars and lean fish.

In the tropics where there is embedded higher sugar demand – fruits, grain meals and veggies – the locals experience problems when consuming foods with high meat content, typical for the Northerners. Their digestive system is not capable to process large quantity of animal proteins. The proof of eating right based on a metabolic type is exemplified in case of the natives of the Pacific islands who eat the same way their ancestors did, they do not suffer from civilization diseases and can live healthily for up to 100 years.

There is no universal diet – we all need basic macronutrients in individual proportions

Ethnic origin is important – it took us thousands years to adjust to our environment; within the last hundred years – only a glimpse of time from the evolution point of view – most of the life sustaining factors are completely different. The quality of water, soil, and air went through fundamental changes which for a human organism and its metabolism are very significant changes. The lifestyle also underwent significant changes – genetically speaking we are equipped for running, walking long distances, working in the fields, hunting, and horse riding – however, within a short period of time we replaced it with are sitting in a closed space with artificial light containing inorganic chemicals; also sitting in front of a TV or PC, in a car, or in an airplane. You can find more about the consequences of sitting for long time periods in my article: HOMO SEDENTARY.

Our needs are not fixed, human body is a dynamic system, constantly changing, always striving for self-regulation, to reach healthy balance and adjusting itself to the environmental changes. Luckily, a body is not homeostatic but rather homeo-dynamic system, with the main goal to strive for healthy balance. It is also capable to adjust to the environmental changes. That is the reason why the meals of our ancestors can’t work 100% for us today.bílkovinový a uhlovodanový (sacharidový) typ

The solution is to balance out our diet, based on the current metabolic type. There are three basic categories of metabolic types: protein, carbohydrates (sugar based) and mixed type.

Become the managers of your health, give your body nutrition it demands; this kind of factory will therefore fulfill its production well and you will benefit from the good health.Metabolism is a collection of chemical reactions and biological activities, necessary to sustain life. It takes place in the cells and each cell – a biological factory - contains a program how to utilize nutrients for the energy production.